Search Help

Type in the parameters that apply to your search. Leave the rest blank. Clicking Search will send results in a list, 10 thumbnails to a page, along with their captions. Use the links at the top and bottom of the list to get from one page to the next. The thumbnails are linked to a viewing window so you can page through the selection as full-size images. Here are some general instructions for using each of the parameters on the search form.

Image Number

If you've been here before, know the number of the image you're looking for, and simply want to find that image, type it into this box. No other parameters are needed. (Holding your cursor over the title in the Portfoiios section will give you an image number on most current browsers. Plug this number into te Image Number box.)


Search for names, objects, events or other words that you can think of to describe what you're looking for. Check your spelling. This search engine uses a "like" comparison instead of "equals," so less will often give you more. Depending on how unique the word you're searching is, typing just the first few letters may get you what you want.

Typing "dog" will get you images of one dog or several. Typing "dogs" will only show multiple dogs.

Typing "king" will get walKING, talKING, and barKING. You can use a space before "king" to weed these out and get KINGfisher. Be careful though! Using a space after "king" will eliminate records containing "walKING," and "barKING,"both with commas after them. Using two spaces before or after "king" will bring you no results at all.

Limit Caption Search

You can use the Location field by itself or as a way to limit the results found by searching the Caption. Use LIMIT to limit your search to the City or State you enter below. Leave this set to DON’T LIMIT if you want to find all images from a given location.

City or State

Type the location in this box to limit your search with LIMIT above, or simply use this box to find images from events that occurred at a particular place.

Limit Search to Year

You can further limit your results to one particular year by entering that year into this box.

Search Tips

If your results are not as you expect, try this approach. First use the Clear Words button to reset your search parameters. Then, in the Caption box, type a word from the name or event you're interested in. The search parameters are "sticky" so you can refine your results as you see them. Use DON'T LIMIT and a city or state to expand your results. Use LIMIT and a city or state to restrict results to that location.